A tailor made solution to hall management

Helping hall accommodation providers meet their objectives

Universities, HE institutions, private hall providers and NHS trusts are under pressure to deliver increasingly efficient accommodation services, whilst the expectations of students and staff continue to grow.

At the same time, hall providers are having to manage and report on large volumes of management information, including complex financial data.

Hallpad has been developed by a team with specialist knowledge of this sector to help hall providers successfully overcome these challenges.

Bespoke Software

Meet your objectives whilst making efficiencies

Streamline the day-to-day running of your accommodation service

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, Hallpad offers an unprecedented level of flexibility by delivering a fully-customised and web-based solution to the unique challenges you face.

  • Access to market leading resources and tools
  • Easy and secure management of information
  • Increased team and service user engagement
  • Automation of many time consuming tasks
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
  • Reduced reliance on additional software services

Powerful features make your life easier

Developed in partnership with industry professionals

Enjoy these popular features, or expand your services with add-on modules like overnight guests, summer stays, group bookings, parcel management, catering bookings and multiple languages.

Generate real time reports
Assign allocation quotas
Alter the status of applications
Review application histories
Communicate directly with students
Allocate hall rooms to students
Create and edit lease templates
Add and remove hall accommodation
Create on-site inspection reports
Provide online inductions
Manage discipline and fines
Manage maintenance and inventory

Fully-managed development and implementation

With a dedicated Technical Director and 5-star support

Over 90% of our customers rate the quality of our responses to their enquiries as either excellent or above average. Our response time is exceptional!

We will provide you with a named Technical Director who will have full technical expertise of the product and you will be given their direct number. If they are way from the office, their colleagues will be available to help.

Our software also comes with a 12-month warranty as standard.

Account Management
The benefits of using Hallpad