Tailor made hall management software

Helping student hall providers meet their objectives

Universities, HE institutions and private hall providers are under increasing pressure to deliver their accommodation services in the most efficient way possible. Meanwhile, the expectations of students continues to grow in relation to the accessibility and timeliness of service provision.

Another demand placed on accommodation providers, in addition to the challenge of delivering core services, is managing and reporting on large volumes of management information, including financial data.

The combination of these factors poses a significant challenge for providers to overcome, to which hallpad offers a powerful solution.

With substantial experience working with some of the UK's largest and most prestigious accommodation providers, we are able to draw on a pool of specialist knowledge that we make available to each of our valued clients when providing the hall allocation software

Bespoke Software

The latest in hall accommodation management

Meet your objectives whilst making efficiencies with hallpad

Unlike typical off-the-shelf hall allocation software solutions, hallpad is customised, web based software, tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation, your processes and your other management tools. This unprecedented level of flexibility allows us to assist organisations in delivering their most challenging objectives.

No matter what your requirements are, we are able to work with you to develop an effective solution.

In addition to enabling you to deliver your accommodation services effectively, hallpad will also improve your efficiency by utilising the very latest in modern, web based hall allocation software. By using hallpad, you will benefit from:

  • Access to market leading resources and tools
  • Easy and secure management of information
  • Increased team and service user engagement
  • Automation of many time consuming tasks
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
  • Reduced reliance on additional software services

Packed with features to make your life easier

Developed in partnership with industry professionals

Packed with powerful tools and functionality, hallpad makes the day to day delivery of your hall accommodation service simpler and more efficient than ever before. Discover some of the most popular features below then book a no-obligation demo of hallpad today to see our cutting-edge software in action for yourself.

Generate real time reports
Assign allocation quotas
Alter the status of applications
Review application histories
Communicate directly with students
Allocate hall rooms to students
Create and edit lease templates
Add and remove hall accommodation
Create on-site inspection reports
Provide online inductions
Manage discipline and fines
Manage maintenance and inventory

Fully managed set up and integration

With a dedicated Technical Director and superb support

Our software comes with a 12-month warranty

We will provide you with a named Technical Director who will have full technical expertise of the product and you will be given their direct number. If they are way from the office, their colleagues will provide the same level of service.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service

Our recent Customer Survey highlights that over 90% of our customers rate the quality of our responses to their enquiries as either excellent or above average. Our response time is exceptional. Please don’t just take our word for it. You can contact any of our customers and ask them what their experience has been.

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