Successfully tackle your greatest challenges

See how you will benefit from a tailor made solution

Every organisation we work with faces different challenges and they often aspire to different goals. hallpad caters for this by combining cutting-edge software development with our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Customised software is proven to deliver significantly increased productivity and reduced daily workloads for organisations that use it in place of a generic, off-the-shelf package that is designed with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you are looking to integrate with other software, replace an existing hall allocation solution, or introduce something completely new with bespoke functionality, hallpad is the solution.

Tailored Software

Benefit from unparalleled levels of control

Automate tasks and integrate with other systems

1) Choose to either automatically allocate students to hall rooms based on defined rules, or take manual control over the allocation of students.

2) Our 2-step hall allocation process ensures that all hall allocations (both manual and automatic) are approved before any leases are generated, giving you the opportunity to amend any proposed allocations.

3) Extensive management reports enable you to quickly and easily monitor all aspects of the hall allocation process.

4) Complete control over the content of the website, as well as the content of any automatic alerts and correspondence sent to students from the system.

5) All transactions and interactions with each applicant from initial user registration through to arrival are automatically recorded. All this data is archived for audit purposes.

6) Fully hosted in the cloud or on your servers, hallpad minimises the need for time consuming software updates and upgrades.

7) Automatic reminders can be setup to prompt students to complete various parts of their applications by specific deadlines. These alerts and custom emails can be sent in bulk to individuals and groups of students.

8) Flexibility to transfer students from one hall room to another at any time.

Improve the student experience

Raise your organisation's profile through outstanding service

Today’s students have increasingly high expectations, both for the accommodation in which they will be living and also the process by which they apply for it. Students are now familiar with and expect efficient online application systems, making the application process as pain-free as possible for them.

This includes benefits such as removing the need for entering information more than once and receiving quick feedback on the progress of their application.

hallpad enables organisations to deliver 1st class accommodation services that complement the high levels of service being provided elsewhere within the department and in doing so, establish a reputation for being a positive and forward-thinking organisation.

Student Experience

Save time and money with improved workflows

Seamless integration with your other systems

Efficient Workflows

hallpad has been designed to interact with your finance and student administration systems, such as Aggresso, Sage, SITS and Banner. Further to this, our expert development team are also able to provide custom integrations with almost any other software system your organisation is already using.

An example of this is the integration we developed for London School of Economics between hallpad and their conference software, Guestline. 

This high level of bespoke functionality and deep level of integration allows us to provide you with the ability to process applications and bookings, issue contracts and leases, manage room allocations and handle all billing and payments from a single application.

The way in which each of these tasks is handled within the system can be fully tailored to the way you operate and can be based on information held within your other systems.

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