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What issues does Hallpad address?

Managing the student accommodation or NHS staff application process is a complex and time-sensitive task. In recent years, accommodation providers have been working to streamline their services through the use of software. This has resulted in many organisations struggling to manage multiple, disparate systems.

Hallpad offers a cutting-edge solution that consolidates data from multiple sources and allows users to manage everything from a single, easy to use interface.

- Manage all aspects of your hall accommodation
- Provide your accommodation team with 'anytime, anywhere' access
- Integrate with student admin, finance and other systems
- Make the application and payment process simple for students

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What benefits does Hallpad give your students and/or colleagues?

Hallpad provides students and/or colleagues with access to these features:

- Individual, secure user accounts for logging in
- Apply for accommodation online, ensuring key information is provided
- Complete a simplified application form, as information can be retrieved from your student information system
- View the progress of their application
- Receive automated email alerts and reminders
- View accommodation offers and accept or reject leases
- Pay deposits and rent online (with a link to a third-party payment provider)
- Notify you of arrival arrangements
- Users can also self-select rooms/properties, should you wish

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What benefits does Hallpad give your staff?

Hallpad allows your staff to:

- Automatically allocate spaces to applicants based on criteria, preferences and availability via a simple process
- Generate leases for each type of accommodation and issue the lease online to the student for acceptance
- Automatically remind students to respond to offers, pay deposits, submit visas etc.
- Send emails to individuals or groups of registered students to keep them informed
- Report on all aspects of the application/allocation/payment process
- View an individual's accommodation history including audit trail of application, offer process and emails
- Enter paper applications manually for those who are unable to apply online
- Easily update accommodation details, lease information, text of automatic emails, dates when students can apply etc.

Hallpad does much of the time consuming work automatically:

- The system performs eligibility checks on students before they apply. This ensures that they meet any distance and course offer status critera
- Different criteria (including quotas) can be applied for new undergraduate/postgraduate/international student applicants, as well as continuing students
- Emails are sent out automatically to remind students to accept their lease, pay a deposit, submit a visa, etc.
- The system keeps track of allocated students and available spaces at all times and can produce up-to-date reports

A major benefit for both you and your students, particularly international students and late applicants, is removal of the requirement to post applications and leases.

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Can Hallpad be customised?

Each Hallpad solution we provide is 100% customised to the individual requirements of that organisation. That means no two Hallpad systems are the same thanks to the unparalleled flexibility of the platform.

No matter what you require from your hall management solution, Hallpad can be developed to meet your needs. This includes integrations with your existing systems, bespoke modules built from the ground up, and new workflows designed to streamline your processes.

With a large amount of the functionality you will require already available within Hallpad, ready to be configured to meet your requirements, we can deliver this bespoke service at a very competitive rate that is likely to sit comfortably within your department's budget.

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How easy is Hallpad to maintain?

Hallpad is developed using industry-standard technologies and techniques to ease future maintenance and upgrades. We offer a range of maintenance and support options, but it is possible for an in-house IT department to maintain the system.

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Does Hallpad meet Disability Discrimination Act requirements?

Yes. Hallpad meets Disability Discrimination Act requirements by matching Web Accessibility Initiative requirements to AA standard.

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Can Hallpad be used to support our conference service?

Yes. Hallpad's B&B module allows you to manage individual and group bookings for short stays, and comes with the management features you would expect such as rate codes, room blocks, easy room allocation, availability calendars, check-in and housekeeping reports.

We are also happy to provide custom integrations with third-party systems if you prefer to manage some elements of your process outside Hallpad.

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